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Hi, I am Donna and in this website I am going to share my personal Text The Romance Back review and also show you how it helped me in getting spark back into my relationship once again.

cute girl textingSince last few weeks I found that my boyfriend was not as responsive as he was before that is why I decided to give a try to this program and I am amazed with the results I get with this program.

Last week, I decided to download Text The Romance Back. After testing it out for a week I am back to post my review.

In this review I will try my best to cover as much information as I can. After reading this review if you feel I missed out any information then don’t hesitate in asking me by using contact form.

Here are two questions I like you to ask from yourself…

Q1: Do you want to regain spark in your relationship?

Q2: Do you want your partner to become “romance beast”?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then continue reading this review because at the end you will able to gain spark in your relationship and transform your partner into ‘Romance Beast’.

What is Text the Romance Back?

Text The Romance BackIt is step-by-step dating program which is created by Digital Relationship Expert Michael Fiore. In this program Fiore teaches how men and women regain spark in their relationship that they once had by using simple text messages. This program featured on ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ and everyone got chill with his surprising effects.

This program helped numerous couple to get even closer than ever before and it all work by sending simple but powerful text messages. The new expanded version of Text The Romance Back 2.0 contains new chapters that teaches more techniques to transform your partner into ‘Romance Beast’.

In the new chapters Mike Fiore himself teaches male and female how to send simple ‘romantic’ text messages to reactivate spark once again into the relationship no matter how long they dating with each other and how bad their relationship had gone in past.

According to Mike Fiore, these are not simple text messages instead these are sexy and personalized ‘LOVE’ messages that work magically if they send in right sequence.

When you get access to this program, Mike Fiore will teach you how to setup these sexy and personalized ‘LOVE’ messages that turn on your partner. Fiore also give you exact sequence which explain you how to send these messages to get maximum benefits from them.

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Who is Michael Fiore?

Mike Fiore EbooksWhen it comes to relationship advice then Michael Fiore is just unstoppable. He helped lots of men and women in getting ‘romance’ back in their relationship.

He appeared on different relationship programs such as ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ and explained how text messages can work magically if they used with right sequence.

Michael Fiore is also the creator of some best-selling programs such as “Text Your Ex Back” and “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever”. There are millions of men and women all over the world that regained their love with the helped of these programs and in this program he teaches how men and women can use simple text messages to add more passion inside their relationship.

What is inside this program?

text the romance back reviewMichael Fiore is really an expert when it comes to providing large content comfortably and he knows how to provide large information that is easy to digest by everyone.

In this program Mike Fiore divide whole program into four different modules to make easy for readers to easily digest large content and apply it step-by-step. Every module comes with PDF, audio and video files.

Here is more detailed information about these modules.

Module #1: The Crib Sheet:

This is the ‘Quick’ and short guide of this program. If you want to overview how this program works then The Crib Sheet will guide you will towards the right direction. This is my personal favorite guide because in this guide Mike revealed simple but powerful text messages that inject ‘Passion’ into the relationship. Further, this guide will also provide quick review of different methods that is explained inside other guides.

Module#2: The Main Manual:

This is the 124 pages long guide which is the foundation of Text The Romance Back. In this guide Mike Fiore goes in detailed about every method and teaches step-by-step on how to make these techniques effective. All the information that Mike shared inside this program will amaze you.

Module #3: FAQs Sheet:

romanic text messagesThis module contains PDF guide which contain questions people asked from Mike regarding this program. It is always good to read these questions to learn about people situation and found how they get out from it. It is really encouraging to read Mike Fiore answers which are full of motivational boost and I recommend everyone to read this guide multiple times.

Module #4: I Like Myself Worksheet:

In this module you will find some lifestyle modification techniques that are recommended by Michael Fiore himself. It you want your partner to love you then you have to love yourself first. The core reason for this guide inside this program is to able you to boost your self-confidence.


  • “Comprehensive Program” – This program is comprehensive program that will teach you step-by-step from boosting your self-confidence to regaining spark into your relationship. The Crib Sheet will show you quick-review of this program, then main manual explain every technique step-by-step, then with FAQ sheet you will solve your problem almost instantly and with the help of ‘I Like Myself Worksheet’ you will able to boost your self-confidence. All in all this the comprehensive program.
  • “Proven Techniques” – Another thing I like about all Mike Fiore program is that they are based on proper research. Mike Fiore is the Digital Relationship Expert and knows how to transform simple and ordinary text messages into passionate text messages.


  • ‘Not a Miracle Approach’ – Some people think Mike Fiore programs work like magic but it is important to not consider these programs as miracle approach because for some people it take many weeks to make them work.

Conclusion – Is it worth the investment?

In the end I like to say Mike did great job in dividing whole program into different modules which become really easy to follow. Text The Romance Back comes with all its bonuses at just one-time payment of $47. At this price with 60-days standard money-back guarantee I recommend this program without any hesitation.

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